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MagicMail provides simple and powerful user interfaces
Administrator Interface

It is estimated that every support call costs the ISP from $3 to $6 dollars per call. Reduce your overhead by putting the power and control back into the users hands. Why should you perform basic email administration when your users can do it themselves. As well, in this day of IT Technical shortages, administration should be simple. MagicMail is so easy to administrate, that almost anyone can do the Tier 1 work, so you can reduce your administration costs, and your inhouse experts can concentrate on more important things.

User Interface

The MagicMail team understands that it is important to keep user workflow quick and simple. Our email server's interface design has been designed with user-friendliness in mind. ISPs and Telcos need to provide simple and powerful user interfaces that all their customers can take advantage of. We use our extensive ISP experience to provide a design where users have a central point of management so that access to email, spam filters and other settings is straight-forward and easy.

Our interface design is always improving and we'd love to hear from you.
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